How Pointters Works

Kick start your freelance business with Pointters.

Find Suitable Jobs

You will find multiple jobs on Pointters. Once you create your profile, we help you find jobs and clients that best suit your profile. You can also choose your own jobs and respond to client requests.

Make offers

Make offers to jobs that fit in with your portfolios.

Add Service to your Portfolio

You can also post a service with multiple price options. Attract clients with good service.

Pay rates

Clients are constantly posting job requirements in varied skill categories and are also paying a great price for good work.

Constant growth

Your success rewards you further. Successfully completed projects attract more clients entrusting you with more exciting projects.

Become a Seller

The Pointters platform is designed to successfully provide freelancers varied options based on their skill sets. Also, the skill level is rated which helps attract clients and provides visibility of talent.

How to get started:

Create a profile

Create a profile that best describes your work and skill sets. It is like a resume, but with more detail. For instance, you can add a photo to your portfolio or a video.

Get Paid

Fill out your Get Paid form. This is mandatory for all sellers on Pointters. No seller will be able to add services or make offer unless Get Paid form is submitted.

Add Services

Add services so that they are made available for buyers to view. They will contact you if they are ready to make an offer.

How Does Seller Get Paid?

How to Add a Service in Pointters

Adding the services that you offer to Pointters helps interested buyers to find you and contact you


Log into your profile in Pointters.


Go to the Profile tab.


Scroll down to the Start Selling Section and click Become a Seller


Click Add Service.


Choose a Category

Choose a category that best suits the job and then select the service that you offer.


Add Service Details

In the Service Detail window, you can add the following:

Service Tagline:

Add search tags that will help buyers find your profile.


Add a description of the task. You can also add a timeline within which you are available for work.

Photos and Videos:

Add a picture or a video to demonstrate what you do. It is a great way of showcasing your work.


Add the amount you are going to charge for this service. You can add the payment time details.


Delivery Method

In the Delivery Method section, select how you are going to provide the service such as at a store or online.


Click Add Service

Your service is now added to Pointters for buyers to find.Similarly, you can add multiple services.